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Our Leadership Team


Ms. Julie Flynn
Primary School Principal

Welcome to the International School in Genoa (ISG) where learning is fun

Welcome to our learning community where each day is designed for nurturing, authentic and engaging opportunities to thrive. 

My name is Julie Flynn and I am honoured to serve as the primary principal.  I am an educator of 28 years and have the heart of a learner.  I am thrilled to be part of such a special community devoted to each child’s growth and development—physically, emotionally, socially, and academically.

Stepping into beautiful ISG, you can feel Our Mission Statement and  Our Learning Approach come alive throughout the halls and classrooms.  This year, we are especially excited about the Innovation Lab where students will design solutions to real-world problems that are of great interest to them.  The Innovation Lab includes exciting resources such as a 3-D printer, broadcast instruments, and basic tools for creativity and problem solving. 

The International School in Genoa uses the highest quality curriculum, recognised globally, for nurturing inquiry and critical thinking.  Our talented and dedicated teachers explore methods to provide authentic and engaging learning opportunities.  Our instructional approaches are tailored for each child’s learning.  

We believe strongly in the school and family partnership and use the Seesaw computer program to share ongoing and in-depth information and insights about your child’s growth and progress.  We take time to celebrate and recognise important moments of learning!  I look forward to our ongoing conversations about your child’s education.  My door is always open.

Julie Flynn

Primary School Principal



Ms. Jody Lee Parker
Secondary School Principal

We could not be more proud and excited about our school and all its accomplishments

Welcome to the Secondary School!

At the center of our program is a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges our students and prepares them for their future endeavors. Surrounding that essential core is a wide variety of extracurricular activities from sports to drama, community service to field trips. ISG Secondary students have a great sense of pride and community. Upperclassmen act as willing role models for younger students, and each student feels a sense of responsibility in making ISG a rich and enjoyable learning community.