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Our Guiding Statements





We are a community of adaptable learners who inspire a love of learning that extends beyond the walls of the school. The following principles are the foundations upon which our school is built:


We foster respect for self, others and the environment, which is based on compassion, inclusivity and a celebration of diversity. We embrace the interconnectedness of our world, while maintaining a sense of individual identity.


We develop creative problem solvers who have the capacity to enact positive change, and who feel empowered to take action in their immediate and global environment.

Reaching for Excellence

We nurture the confidence, imagination and resilience that form the pathways to individual success.

Respect, Responsibility and Reaching for Excellence




Learning in an exceptional school takes place in a joyful, safe and caring environment. It is a carefully engineered journey where teachers challenge their students with rich experiences to reach deep understanding using inquiry and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to meet their full potential and develop the skills to be successful in a rapidly changing world. They are led to become self-directed, independent thinkers, capable of teamwork and problem solving in their immediate and global environment.