Welcome to the International School in Genoa.

you for choosing ISG.

We take this opportunity to pledge to you our commitment for your children to receive the highest standards in education. It is important for us that you know that when you choose ISG, you have made the right choice for your child. Our most important priorities are your child’s safety, well being and success. Over the next weeks, months and years, our commitment to the overarching themes of the school’s mission statement of respect, responsibility and reaching for excellence, will show that these are not just words on a wall, but will be demonstrated through every action, every lesson, every activity, and every decision with your child in the center of all that we do. ISG has a wonderful history, and over the last few years, you have skillfully created as parents, students, Board members, and staff, the solid foundation for successful school. With the support and commitment of such a passionate and committed Board, and the professional team of educators and staff, we have no doubt that it is now time to put words into actions to create the structures which will ensure that each child is successful, challenged and reaches for excellence, and for ISG to reach its potential of becoming one of the top international schools. That is our pledge to you.


The International School in Genoa