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High School

The High School curriculum at ISG aims to build upon the knowledge and skills learned throughout the Middle Years. Students are further encouraged to develop their independence, confidence and knowledge through continuous opportunity to learn both independently and collaboratively.

Through grades nine and ten students are further supported to improve and refine the higher level skills required for success in the IB diploma program taken at grades eleven and twelve. They should expect a more rigorous academic load, as well as new social and intellectual challenges that will need to be managed with the support and guidance of our teachers and staff in the high school. It is important to us that each student is challenged appropriately and is able to fulfil their potential in order to be in the best possible position to make sound choices for their IB diploma.

The High School curriculum comprises of a range of core subjects as well as elective courses. Students are able to decide which languages they wish to study and at what level. They are also able to choose between Digital Photography and Media Studies and the High School Choir.  All courses include a range of activities and assessments that are designed to allow every student to reach their potential. We pride ourselves on our differentiated classrooms where every student is encouraged to use their own learning style to develop both academically and socially. It is with this approach that we believe each student will successfully complete the high school.

  High school curriculum
Core Courses:   English, History, Science, Mathematics, Information Technology, Physical Education, CAS (Creativity, Action, Service), Inquiry into the Theory of Knowledge.
Elective 1: Italian A, Italian B
Elective 2: Spanish, French
Elective 3: Digital Photography and Media Studies, High School Choir