College Acceptances & Guidance

Welcome to the College Guidance Program of the International School in Genoa!

The College Guidance program for the students of The International School in Genoa helps them prepare for the next stage of their academic careers; research courses and majors, colleges and universities; and work through the application process.

Applying to university can be a very lengthy and involved process; this is especially true for international students.  Students and their families should not underestimate the time required and never run the risk of not meeting university application deadlines: start planning early!  Even though it will be hard work and require a great deal of organization and initiative on your part, however, it can also be a time of great self-discovery and excitement.  We encourage each of you to find the “right fit” – the perfect university to help you achieve your dreams!

The International School in Genoa’s academic programs are rigorous, university-preparation programs and we expect that the vast majority of our high school students will apply for post-secondary education in a college or university.  The IB Diploma Programme that you are studying will allow you to apply to excellent universities throughout the world, as noted in an article from February 2013 in The Independent, The IB develops the students top universities want .

Our common objective is for students to gain offers from the universities that best suit their future academic and personal aspirations, e.g. the “best university for the student.”

For more information please visit the ISG College Counseling website, designed exclusively for ISG students, or contact the school’s College Counselor, Laura Ashby.

Download the High School Academic Profile!

First page of the PDF file: ISG-School-Profile-2018-2019