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ISG Green Team

Many interesting projects emerged from the sustainability survey we administered and they will guide the environmental action of the Green Team and ISG.

ISG engaged in earning the certification of eco-school from the Federation for Environmental Education (FEE) in two years’ time. We are committed to a community, student-led, focused action plan: everybody contributes to it.

Our overall 3R mission statement (Respect, Responsibility, Reaching for Excellence) has developed a 4R environmental specificity: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Return, with Return indicating initiatives toward returning the environment to healthy balance.

Through our Green Team (a student-teacher group of volunteers) we led and facilitated sustainability initiatives throughout the school, with recurring all-staff and all student involvement. 

This year’s accomplishments include: 

  • Elimination of all landfill waste from classrooms and offices: all waste produced is sorted out into paper, humid and plastic/metal containers. 
  • Collaboration with AMIU and participation in their workshops for students
  • Participation in global initiatives for sustainability such as FridaysForFuture through hands-on environmental action at school and systematic academic focus in the classroom 
  • School-wide assemblies on sustainability
  • Student-led exhibits on environmental issue
  • Student-Cleaner collaboration in the recycling program, sharing collection responsibilities
  • Implementation of eco-labeled cleaning agents on the part of cleaning services
  • Elimination of single-use plastic coffee cups in favour of compostable coffee cups
  • Elimination of single use plastic wrappings from the lunchroom program 
  • Future projects include: 
  • Further improvement of the lunch program through ingredient revision: reduction of animal ingredients and increase of organic ingredients
  • Further optimisation of cleaning services with increased implementation of compostable trash bags
  • Optimisation of energy, gas and water supply with the review of an environmental architect
  • Optimisation of our outdoor areas with the help of an organic agronomist (planting trees, student led orchard and greenhouse)

We may not be able to change the course of the environmental crisis on our own, but nothing important can happen without the help of each one of us. We are ready to do our share!