Welcome to the International School in Genoa (ISG) where learning is fun.

My name is Diane Glawe and I am the Primary Principal, PreSchool through 5th grade.  I am very excited to work in an environment “where children want to go to school”.  I have quoted this because so many parents say this to me every day.  Nothing could make me prouder.

I believe we have created such an environment through our sense of community. Parents come every morning to drop off their children.  They stay for a cup of coffee, volunteer in a classroom or help decorate the school.  Pupils learn together in one building, spanning the ages of three to 18.  There isn’t a day that passes when pupils greet former teachers or take a second to kiss or hug a younger brother or sister which enhances the family feeling we have at ISG. It is difficult to express the power of community, but it is essential to the success of ISG.

We are a community of learners. Learning may look different at ISG; desks may be in a circle, or in pods, or there may not be any desks at all.  Either on the carpet, at a table or desk, or beyond the school walls pupils and teachers share the responsibility for teaching and learning.  This is when learning is at its best.

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