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University acceptances

Upon graduation, the IS Genoa students are faced with an incredible array of opportunities
and choices to be made. Those who decide to immediately continue in their college or
university education can choose from many different countries in the world in which to study.
The list of universities that our Class of 2020 will be attending, and the courses that they will
be entering, is extremely impressive:

It is incredible to consider that our students received a total of 90 offers, from 57 different universities, in 8
different countries. This represents an average of 5 offers per student and includes 28 offers from
universities ranked in the top 100 universities in the world, and 5 offers from universities ranked in the top
20 in the world. It is also worth noting that ISG students received a total of over 217,000 euros in 4-year
scholarships to enter universities in the USA, the UK, and Italy.
As well as congratulating the students, a huge thank you is also due to all of the teachers who made this